VELOCITY BLADE Emergency LED Exit Signs

Emergency LED Exit Signs

Our Emergency Exit Sign uses the same LED technology that powers all our products, to provide the best results by maintaining a low stand-by power consumption (<0.5W). The product can be wired for either maintained or non-maintained operations and is designed to IP20 Ingress Protection, meaning that it can be used safely in indoor applications.

Just like all our products, the Emergency Exit Sign is LIA certified and is manufactured to provide full compliance to current standards, including BS 60598-2-22 and ISO 7010.

Our Emergency Exit Box provides excellent viewing distances of 30 metres at a low 1.5W and it will be supplied with a standard Arrow Up sign. Alternative signs are available for purchase. See below.

These self-test exit signs can be remote controlled with Advanced Remote Control (ARC) or Programmable Remote Control (PRC), enabling the maintenance personnel to carry out safe and fast functional and full duration tests on demand, check the status of the battery, and programme the automated self-test for the date and time required.

To meet the most of challenging requirements we have kept all the premium features, like the test button or the recessed kit option that will allow recessed ceiling mounting.

Product Information

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Velocity Blade Exit Sign Box - Luminaires

Certified BS EN 60598-2-22

Velocity Blade Exit Sign Box - Accessories

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