GRANITE Emergency LED bulkheads

Emergency Bulkheads

Our Emergency Bulkheads use LED technology to provide the best results by increasing spacing performance and maintaining a low energy usage. The luminaires can be wired for either maintained or non-maintained operations and benefit from an IK10 Impact Protection rating and IP65 Ingress Protection, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Whilst our SD (Standard) version covers the basic emergency requirements and provides compliance to current standards including BS 60598-2-22, our more advanced versions, Advanced Self-Test (AST) and Programmable Self-Test (PST), together with Advanced Remote Control (ARC) or Programmable Remote Control (PRC), also provide significant maintenance savings and peace of mind for all customers as they require no manual testing.

Our Emergency Bulkheads have up to 320 lumens output, from 15 metre viewing distance, at an angle of 105o, providing high versatility for a large number of applications.

Certified by the LIA and powered by an environmentally friendly Li-Ion battery, our product provides an outstandingly low stand-by power consumption (0.5W) due to its well-designed circuit board.

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Certified BS EN 60598-2-22

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